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    Panda Helper Mystery Box

    Panda Helper Mystery Box is an exciting, feel-good service website. It allows you to get a fantastic variety of products at a meager price. All you need to do is purchasing a mystery box and unbox it. You’ll get a random prize, including electronics products like iPhone 13 and AirPods Max, and virtual items such as an Amazon eGift Card, a Starbucks gift card, an Xbox gift card, a PlayStation gift card, an uber gift card, and other authentic products. Don’t worry. Every surprise box has a prize, and each award has a fixed probability of winning. 

    Mystery box has many names, including surprise box, blind box, etc. Regardless of the word, essentially, they all play the same way. By unboxing a mystery gift box, you will receive an unexpected product, including many categories, which may be of high value and beyond your expectations, or a mediocre product that will not cost you anything.
    Panda Helper Mystery Box
    Mystery boxes offer many kinds of authentic products, such as mystery box electronics, gaming mystery box, Amazon mystery box, Apple mystery box, Mario mystery box, LEGO mystery box, and so on. The products offered are different, but the gameplay remains the same.


    What Can I Get in Mystery Box

    Panda Helper now offers two boxes: a Panda Box($5.99/box) and a Tech Box($9.99/box). They play the same way, and the difference lies in the possible products that can be won.

    Panda Box

    Panda Helper Mystery Box-Panda Box

    Panda Box offers the following list and categories in mystery boxes:

    Mythical Prize: Amazon eGift Card, iPhone 13 512GB

    Legendary Prize: AirPods Max, AirPods 3rd Generation, Panda Helper VIP 1-Year

    Epic Prize: Amazon eGift Card, Netflix Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card, Gamestop Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card

    Rare Prize: Apple Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Uber Gift Card, Spotify Premium 3-Month, Panda Helper VIP 2-Month, Netflix Gift Card, Nintendo Gift Card

    Common Prize: Panda Helper VIP 1-Month, Disney+ 1-Month, Hulu VIP 1-Month, Amazon eGift Card, Steam Gift Card

    Note: To provide a better experience to our customers, we update the list of surprise box regularly to ensure the validity of each prize. Please refer to what is displayed on the website. It’s legal, and the authenticity is guaranteed.

    list of mystery boxes-Panda Box

    list of mystery boxes-Panda Box

    list of mystery boxes-Panda Box

    If you get Panda Helper VIP after unboxing, you will get VIP user access, use a more stable VIP version, and download VIP exclusive hack games, including Pokemon, PUBG, and so on. So you can also understand that this is a place that provides a pokemon mystery box. In addition, Panda Helper VIP provides Game Tools features such as Speeder, Cheat Engine, and Save&Load will also be available for you.

    Panda Helper VIP

    Maybe you are lucky enough to get iPhone 13 or AirPods Max or AirPods 3rd Generation, and you can understand that this website provides mystery box electronics or apple mystery box.

    When you get a Gamestop Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card, Nintendo Gift Card, or Nintendo Gift Card, then you can understand that this is a gaming mystery box service. If you get an Amazon eGift Card after unboxing the blind box, you can use it to buy any goods sold on Amazon, such as LEGO, Disney, Mario, etc.

    Tech Box

    Panda Helper Mystery Box-Tech Box

    Tech Box offers the following list and categories in mystery boxes:

    Mythical Prize: SAMSUNG QLED (Q80B), MacBook Pro(512G)

    Legendary Prize: DJI Air 2S, Microsoft Xbox Series X, 11-inch iPad Pro 128GB

    Epic Prize: iPad(256G) + Pencil, Huawei P30 Lite, Nintendo Switch Lite, Gaming Keyboard, Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

    Rare Prize: JBL Flip 5 Speaker, Xiaomi Mi Band 7, SD Card(512G), Wireless Gamepad, Xiaomi Powerbank, Mobile Game Controller, Tile Mate Tracker, Handheld Game Console

    list of mystery boxes-Tech Box

    list of mystery boxes-Tech Box

    list of mystery boxes-Tech Box

    Note: Prizes (in the Tech Box) can only be shipped to the United States and will not be redeemed elsewhere. Delivery time for some products may exceed one month. It is subject to expression.

    All product and company names, images, and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. It’s legal, and the authenticity is guaranteed.

    How to Participate in Mystery Box

    This is a short instruction: Purchase Mystery Boxes, Panda Box, or Tech Box – Unbox – Go to “My Prizes” to view and redeem your gift.

    For details on how to participate, please refer to the following steps:

    Buy Mystery Boxes

    First, you need to pay for a mistery box before opening it and getting random exciting products. Secondly, you can only buy one blind box at a time. You cannot buy more than one mystery box at a time.

    Let’s take the purchase of Panda Box as an example. If the icon of box shows “0”, it means you do not currently own a mystery box.

    Buy Mystery Box

    For the first method, please tap on “Buy More” to the right of the icon and select the payment method that suits you on the payment page. You will be able to purchase an available surprise box.

    For the second method, tap on “Open Now,” and you will get a prompt that you do not currently have a mistery box that you can open, click “Buy Now” and select the appropriate payment method on the payment page.

    Buy Mystery Box

    Choose one of the following payment methods to purchase a blind box: Apple Pay or credit card. More payment methods will be available in the future, such as PayPal.

    Opening Box to Run A Lottery

    Once you have purchased a mystery box, the icon in the top left corner of the website will show “1”, which means you currently have a mistery box. You can tap “Open Now” to unbox the mystery boxes and get your surprise gift.

    By opening box, you agree to receive one of the random items inside. Previous experience doesn’t affect the chance to receive a special individual product in any next case.

    Redeem Gifts

    After opening box, you can select “Redeem Now.” If you turn off the prompt, you can click “My Prizes” to see the products and tap on “Redeem Gifts.”

    Mystery Box Prizes

    Once you have submitted your prize redemption request, wait patiently for the email, and we will issue your prize to you as soon as possible.

    Mystery Box Redeem Gifts

    If your prize is a Panda Helper VIP, your current device will automatically receive or add VIP membership time without waiting for us to issue your prize.

    If your blind box prize is a Starbucks gift card, Xbox gift card, PlayStation gift card, uber gift card, or other virtual products, We will issue the prize to your as soon as possible.

    When you are lucky enough to get real-world items like iPhone 13, AirPods, and other digital products, don’t worry. We’ll redeem your prize through an e-commerce platform that can do Worldwide Shipping and guaranteed prize delivery to you.

    Panda Helper Mystery Box FAQ

    Q: What is Panda Helper Mystery Box

    A: It is Panda Helper’s newest online service, full of mystery and excitement. In short, when you purchase a mistery box worth $5.99 or $9.99, you will receive a mystery prize in the box. The reward may be real-world electronics such as iPhone 13, AirPods Max, or a virtual product such as Amazon eGift Card, Starbucks gift card, etc. All items are legal. You need to unbox it to find out precisely what the prize is. We’ll send you virtual products by email and delivery real-world electronics by worldwide shipping. 

    Q: How Does Mystery Boxes Work?

    A: Panda Helper guarantees that each surprise box will contain a prize. In other words, you will get a product from the box. However, each prize in the box has a probability:

    Mythical prize 1.00% , Legendary prize 6.00% , Epic prize 18.00% , Rare 30.00% , Common prize 45.00%.

    Panda Helper uses provably fair algorithms. You can go to the provably fair to check them. Every step of your unboxing experience offers full transparency.

    Q: How to Get an iPhone 13 in Surprise Box?

    A: Panda Helper guarantees you will win a product in your account when you open the box. However, the awards are random, and no one knows the mystery prize in the surprise box until you unbox it. If you specifically want a particular award, you can participate in the lottery multiple times, i.e., buy mistery box and open it numerous times. But when you unbox, you agree to receive one of the random items inside. Previous experience doesn’t affect the chance of receiving a particular individual item in any next case. 

    Q: How Do I Redeem Real-World Items Like Electronics?

    A: If you unbox Panda Box and got a real-world product like iPhone 13 or AirPods Max in your account, don’t hesitate to contact us by email: support@pandahelp.vip for further communication about prize distribution. We’ll redeem your prize through an e-commerce platform that can do Worldwide Shipping and delivery the prize to you. And no one will sell your personal information.

    If you unbox Tech Box and get a real-world item like MacBook Pro in your account, the products (in the Tech Box) can only be shipped to the United States and will not be redeemed elsewhere. Please ensure your delivery area is in the United States first and contact by email: support@pandahelp.vip.

    Q: How to View The Gifts I Have Opened?

    A: Click on “My Prizes” to view all the products in your account that you have won after opening box.

    Q: Can I Get A Pokemon Mystery Box?

    A: The Pokemon Mystery Box is a particular item in Pokémon GO that temporarily makes the Pokémon Meltan appear in the wild. It is no mystery box content provided by Panda Helper. But Panda Helper VIP has free pokemon mods available for download, including Pokemon Go by ipogo, Pokemon Go++ by SpooferX, and Pokémon Quest Hack. If you are a big fan of Pokemon, you can try these games.

    Q: How Many Mystery Boxes Can I Open at Once?

    A: You can only unbox one mystery box at a time and buy a new mistery box after you open it.

    Q: Do I Have to Pay for The Items in The Blind Box?

    A: No, even if you get a $1099 iPhone 13 or a $2000 Amazon eGift Card after opening a box. You only need to pay for the mystery boxes, a Panda Box($5.99/box) or a Tech Box($9.99/box). Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, we are not allowed to refund those already used to open boxes.

    Q: What If I Get Unwanted Items After Opening The Box?

    A: You can choose to sell and transfer your unwanted items to others in your way after redeeming them. We do not offer help with sell. The decision is up to you. However, some products, such as Panda Helper VIP, are tied to the device and cannot be transferred. 

    Q: How Do I Ask For Help When I Have a Problem?

    A: If you have any questions or feedback about exchanging mystery boxes, the easiest way to get in touch with us is by sending us an email to: support@pandahelp.vip, submitting your suggestion, and we will answer you in detail.

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